LCD monitor blurred

  chriscross72 21:35 27 Apr 04

I recently bought a proview 14' tft monitor
Everything on the screen looks there anything I can do to sharpen the display image up ie. certain fonts etc.
I'm running windows 2000pro
athlon 1700xp processor
onboard 8mb shared graphics
512mb ram
Monitor is set to 800x600 16 bit high colour
Somone suggested windows cleartype so I looked at that but it is only for windows XP
Any ideas would be a help.....

  Djohn 21:38 27 Apr 04

Change your resolution to 1024X768 and that will bring everything back into focus.

  Djohn 21:40 27 Apr 04

click here I made the same suggestion in your other thread on the same problem. Have you tried this yet?

  chriscross72 22:04 27 Apr 04

thanks Djohn
I tried your suggestion and everything shrank down several sizes on the that normal ?

  Gaz W 22:11 27 Apr 04

When you change the resolution everything will shrink down, as it is fitting more onto the screen at once. If you look at this website for example, on 800x600 I have to scroll to the right a bit to fit the entire width of the page on (the bit with the poll and adverts on), but in 1024 x 768 I can fit the entire width on.

  Djohn 22:51 27 Apr 04

Yes, that is normal. With the higher resolution your display should be much sharper and cleaner to read.

Unfortunately with a TFT screen they work best at their native resolution and this can sometimes be a little on the small side but if you reduce the resolution to enlarge your display you lose out on clarity of text/graphics.

CRT screens still have the edge here because you can alter the resolution over a wide range to suite your eyes with very little loss of quality.

  chriscross72 16:55 28 Apr 04

thanks for your help all : )

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