LCD minimum graphics card required

  Zeed 20:04 31 Oct 04

I have just bought an Aopen F1713 17" LCD monitor. My resolution is set at 1024x768.
My letters on my screen is slightly fuzzy around the edges - it hurts my eyes compared to my old 17" flatscreen "normal" monitor. I also see pixels on the folder icons on my desktop now.
What is the minimum graphics card memory required for the LCD? Does a 17" at 1024x768 LCD require more MB than a 17" 1024x768 "glass" monitor?

  xania 20:07 31 Oct 04

I changed from 15" flat screen monitor to 17" LCD with no problems at all. Check your manual for this problem or go on-line - or take it back.

  Zeed 20:15 31 Oct 04

There is no help in the manual - have checked and done the tuning suggested.
Your 15" to 17" change might have been with a big enough graphics card from the start. What size did you have?
Supplier suggested buying bigger graphics card - hence this question by me.

  xania 14:19 01 Nov 04

I'm surprised that there's nothing in the manual, and presumably nothing on the box - implies there's nothing to worry about. There's not much on the web either click here.

There's no point your supplier simply telling you to get a bigger card, without specifying what size. Means he probably doesn't know much.

Anyhow let's get down to basics. Have you checked that you have the latest drivers for both your card and your monitor (just because its a new monitor, doesn't mean you've the most up-to-date drivers). Also, you need to make sure that your have the optimum refresh speed for the screen set-up i.e if you're at 1280 x 1024, you should be refreshing at 60 Hz.

If all else fails, I reckon you need to discuss te problem with the manufacturer - drop him a line here click here

  TomJerry 14:52 01 Nov 04

(1) Check "native" resolution of your LCD, 17" LCD normally has 1280x1024 (15" has 1024x768). If your LCD has native 1280x1024, low setting will give youy fuzzy edges.

(2) Turn on "Clear Type" on you display property if you use WinXP/2k/XP.

  TomJerry 14:54 01 Nov 04

The native resolution of your LCD is 1280x1024, set at 1024x768 will difintely give you fuzzy edges.

  Zeed 19:22 01 Nov 04

Thanks - the 1280x1024 makes things a bit small, and even with larger icons and fonts I still have the fuzze edges.
Have returned the monitor to supplier for testing.

what was the refresh rate set at ??

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