Launcher_main.exe as stopped working

  pepperdog 06 Oct 11

I have a Logitech web cam and this message pops up every time i wish to use the camera Windows says it will look for a solution and then switches of the camera I am using windows 7 All other aspects of the web cam work fine but I can't take photos

  gengiscant 06 Oct 11

Get the latest drivers etc from Logitech then uninstall the camera then reinstall everything.

  pepperdog 06 Oct 11

gengiscant Thank you for your answer

I have done this with the advise from Logitech many times and this dosn't

make any difference

  gengiscant 07 Oct 11

What model camera have you?

  pepperdog 07 Oct 11


  gengiscant 07 Oct 11

Can you see it here? Logitech because when I Googled the C110 I got nothing vaguely webcam.

  Sea Urchin 07 Oct 11

This is the webcam in question, although the OP has indicated that the problem is resolved (?)

  gengiscant 07 Oct 11

Thanks for the link Sea Urchin But I am not sure he has.

  pepperdog 07 Oct 11

Sorry no this isn't resolved and yes the C110 is on the logitech web page and I have downloaded the the full version software and re-installed it several times with the same results launcher_main .exe as stopped working. Thanks for all your help I think I will give up.

  Sea Urchin 07 Oct 11

Have you completely uninstalled the software before re-installing. This is recommended by Logitech.

Maybe try installing from here

  pepperdog 09 Oct 11

Have done this to no avail. So thank you everbody for your kind help I am going to put it to rest and do without taking photos with the web cam.


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