Latest Windows Update (Win7) has renamed Documents folder (again)

  Batch 08:44 13 Aug 14

Just for info. really in case others are having similar issue:

Installed latest Windows Update today. Name of folder has been reverted to My Documents. Happened on 2 PCs.

Happened before (11 months ago) - see old thread

I notice this as soon as I launch some other software that can no longer find the documents folder.

Easy to fix (rename the physical documents (which I have located on my D drive) folder back to what it was).

  Batch 14:07 13 Aug 14

I'd moved the My Documents folder to a location on my D drive and renamed it to Documents.

For the third time now, Windows Update has caused the folder name to be reverted to My Documents, causing apps that access Documents directly on the D drive to fail to locate the folder (I know that they shouldn't access it directly, but some just do and there's nowt I can do about that).

The solution was simple enough (i.e. rename it back again).

As explained earlier, I've just started this thread in case others see a similar phenomenon and wonder what has caused it and what to do about it.

  wee eddie 14:32 13 Aug 14

There's an even simpler solution: Leave it as My Documents and create other "My" Folders as well.

I also have, My Humour, My Sailing and My Curling as well as the standard My Pictures, My Music and My Videos. None of which seem to have been affected.

Maybe it's time to go with the flow.

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