Latest updates, W7 hangs on restart.

  radi8or 09 Jan 13

Hi all,

Installed the latest updates this morning no problem until I had to restart, at the "Preparing to configure Windows" bit it just sat there with the timer circle going round.

I left it for over half an hour as there was 15 updates but in the end had to reboot with the W7 disc to get to system restore.

Tried reinstalling the updates, same thing again.

Tried installing one at a time but the only ones that would install were ones that I didn't have to restart, got stuck "configuring" as soon as I had to restart.

Running a dual boot W7Pro/W8Pro with 2 SSD drives, updates installed no problem on W8 also no problem on my netbook running W7.

Not had any problems before with updates, at a bit of a loss what it might be, any help appreciated.

  alanrwood 09 Jan 13

I did the updates and they include 2 of the .Net updates which take a notorious amount of time to complete.Can you do a restore and try again one at a time.

  radi8or 09 Jan 13

Hi Alan,

Thanks for response, I did notice that quite a few were .Net updates of some kind, I did try them one at a time whether I gave each enough time i'm not sure will give it another go.

Cheers :0))

  radi8or 09 Jan 13

Hi all,

An update on this, sorted.

Jock1e read your response, thank you, and had read that a couple of security programs, namely Avast and Eset after being disabled had cured the problem.

I have been running a beta of Eset Smart Security 6 for a bit so disabled it, and tried an update, no change still hung, which made sense because it would have restarted.

I decided before I uninstalled Eset to ditch the beta and go back to v5, bingo, within 15 mins all updates installed and everything working.

Strangely all updates worked no problem on W8 running the beta of ESET.

Thanks to all my readers and respondents.


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