Latest Realtek Wireless Update via Windows update

  Halmer 09:20 29 Jun 08

I downloaded an optional update for my laptop wireless connection this morning (there seems to be one every month for the Realtek Wirless LAN).

My wireless connection now no longer works despite everything.

I assume the best thing to do is use the pre installation system restore point?

  crosstrainer 09:22 29 Jun 08

Yes, Realtek are not great @ writing drivers. Good hardware requires good code. They have the same issues with the high def. sound drivers.

  Halmer 09:31 29 Jun 08

Bit weird this one bearing in mind that I turned the laptop on and off three times before resorting to system restore .

Vista offered the pre Realtek driver installation system restore point to me so I chose this one.It seemed to work OK but came back with 'System restore did not work' or a similar message when it rebooted.

When it rebooted again however the wireless con is working and I can now get the internet.

I've viewed the update history and the latest driver is there so the system restore has not taken place.

  Halmer 09:32 29 Jun 08

Do you reckon I should ignore the minthly Realtek updates from now on i.e. if it aint broke don't fix it?

  crosstrainer 09:36 29 Jun 08

Yes. I only go looking if I have probs. I find that the Nvidia site (my machines are all Nvidia chipset based) Is better for drivers, and that the latest round of newbies is slated for the 3rd of July.

Your maxim of "If it isn't broken don't fix it" is a good one.

I try all the new drivers on many machines, so you can alway's post and see what's what.

  Halmer 09:38 29 Jun 08

when system restore failed.

  Halmer 09:44 29 Jun 08

and despite it saying that it failed it clearly hasn't because it gives me the option of undoing the restore I did at 9.19 this morning.

When I run Windows Update though I do not get the optional Realtek update (that initially caused the problem) though now which I would have thought would reappear?

Not a big issue I know but I'm just trying to understand how things work.


  Halmer 10:10 29 Jun 08

system files but left the new software in place?

  Halmer 07:38 01 Jul 08

not sure whether to try again or not?

  crosstrainer 08:03 01 Jul 08

I've just down;aoded it, and it seems that they have changed the install routine.

The first part removes the old drivers (and clearly states that it will install the new ones on reboot) It doesn't!

You have to run the thing twice. First time removes the old drivers, then reboot and run it again to install the new ones. I've just done this and all seems well.

  Halmer 08:35 01 Jul 08

did you download it via Windows Update?

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