Latest Nvidia drivers 190.62 - temperature control

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:51 14 Sep 09

I recently installed the latest drivers as above but am having problems with gpu temperatures. running riva tuner the cards idle at 35% fan speed @ 60C and under load run up to 78C 68% fan speed. With the old drivers, as soon as the load reduced the temps would go down, and so would the fan speeds, but with the latest the fan speeds stay at the highest level until a reboot were they return to the 35% level. I tried removing riva tuner and letting the Nvidia drivers control the temps, but this was worse, the fans stayed at 35% while the temperature just kept on rising. Reinstalled new Nvidia drivers - same problem.I've just gone back to previous driver version and all is working normally. Any ideas?

  PO79 11:11 15 Sep 09

Yep, newer does not always = better, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:41 15 Sep 09

it appears the 190 series drivers messed up fan control in 9XXX cards.

  Tony W. 20:58 15 Sep 09

I installed the new 190.62 drivers and kept getting blue screens.Went back to 186.18 which I should have stayed with in the beginning.

PO79 could not have put it better.

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