Latest Net.Framework Update Failed 11 October

  Input Overload 09:28 11 Oct 06

Has anyone else had the NET.Framework security update fail? As I remember the last time the NET.Framework was updated I had problems I had the update fail.

  terryf 10:02 11 Oct 06

I posted a fix for this some time ago, do a search on this forum or google for

  terryf 10:05 11 Oct 06

Sorry, search for dotnetfx on forum

  Stuartli 10:14 11 Oct 06

I've had the same problem. Seems, not surprisingly, that Microsoft's servers are taking a real hammering.....

  jolorna 10:15 11 Oct 06

link to the post click here

  Stuartli 10:16 11 Oct 06

...because of yesterday's latest Security Updates.

  Input Overload 14:57 11 Oct 06

Thanks terryf, I used the fix you posted last time I had the problem & forgotten all about it!

  ACOLYTE 16:00 11 Oct 06

I have just installed this update and the one before that with no problems at all.

  sunny staines 17:05 11 Oct 06

will not download to pc, but ok to the laptop?

  patsyanne 18:07 11 Oct 06

I had 7 to install but only 2 did, then tried again and now have the other 5.

  sunny staines 20:26 11 Oct 06

Just used link posted by terrf,deleted framework2 with the tool. updates then found no updates. had to download fom ms site, after that updates download the updates ok although the install seemed seemed very slow and stalled for for while.

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