Latest MS Updates and Firefox?

  CFC23 12:06 15 Apr 09

I installed IE8 a while ago and it has been o.k.
Having read good things about Firefox I have also been giving that a try.

I am bound to say that it may well be better than IE8,however after installing the latest MS updates it will not work correctly. I have no history and no bookmarks. If I enter an address manually it will open it. No doubt a reinstall will put things right but I was wondering if others have had the same problem.
IE8 does work correctly.

  CFC23 12:31 15 Apr 09

Jock1e, thanks for that. Did a restart after the downloads,so that was not the reason. I have just done another re-boot and all is well again! Strange!

  Pine Man 16:37 15 Apr 09

Like you I have just installed Firefox over IE8 and think it is much better. The recent MS updates had no effect.

Out of interest do you have any problems with the PCA forum pages opening slowly with Firefox?

  CFC23 19:03 15 Apr 09

No problem with speed. But as with others I found that IE8 gave the "blue page" on PCA, Firefox does the same but then displays o.k. almost at once.

  birdface 00:56 16 Apr 09

IE8.Tools.and tick compatibility view.You need that ticked while on PCA.

  CFC23 06:50 16 Apr 09

Yes I had found that out,just pointing out that Firefox does it as well, but then displays correctly without having to do anything.

  Pine Man 09:22 16 Apr 09

..clearly it's a PCA thing!

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