Is the latest Java Secure?

  Border View 11:02 28 Jan 14

I run with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I seem to recall that a while ago the security of Java was called into question. I currently have Java 7 Update 51 on my computer.

Is this version of Java safe? Do I need Java on my computer? If not can I safely remove it using Revo Uninstall?

I would welcome your advice. Thank you.

  alanrwood 12:26 28 Jan 14

It's as safe as any current version of any software is ie until there are more loopholes found in. It is an endless cycle of find, repair, find, repair.

Lots of people here will suggest removing Java completely if you don't use any sites that use it and there is some logic in that approach. Personally I have it installed on 10 machines and never had a problem so until I do I will stick with it. It's a personal decision.

  Border View 12:31 28 Jan 14

Thank you for responding alanrwood. Much obliged.

  rdave13 13:10 28 Jan 14

As alanrwood states it is a personal choice. I run all my PCs without Java. Two sites won't work for me, one is a storm warning site, the other one is Nvidia's online auto check for GPU. If I need it then I install it. Then uninstall it using programs and features not Revo. Haven't needed it for years. Just make sure when it updates the old version is automatically removed.

  Batch 13:57 28 Jan 14

LibreOffice also uses Java (not sure how) in the Base database element.

But very few sites use it these days.

You can always set the security settings in the Java Control Panel to be (at least) on the High setting and set your browser to not automatically run Java applets (set it to prompt instead).

  Border View 14:43 28 Jan 14

Thanks rdave13 and Batch. Think I shall uninstall and see if it affects by browsing. Will report back if it does.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:38 28 Jan 14

I use Java, keep it up to date and have no problems, in spite of the scaremongering last year.

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