Last sign on details

  baldyx 21:31 19 Dec 08

This is a general query and I am not asking for any confidential info.

Has anyone experienced the following when signing on to Nationwide building society account :

After signing on successfully, the system is supposed to ask you to confirm the Last sigon date & time BEFORE displaying your account details.

However since last two days I am not asked to confirm the last signon date & time and the system goes straight to my account details.

The Nationwide think something wrong with my system and suggested changing signon details which I have done but no joy.

I am wondering if anyone out there has the same problem to confirm the problem is with Nationwide system.

  baldyx 21:08 26 Dec 08

problem resolved.

  tullie 22:10 26 Dec 08

How do they expect you to remember those details anyway?

  baldyx 01:05 27 Dec 08

Well I think it's your responsibility to remember because you are accessing your own financial info .
I keep record of my last login dates which i check everytume i login.

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