Laser Toner Cartridge Capacity Problem

  MrsMilton 11:56 11 Nov 05

I recently bought a Konica Magicolor 2400W laser printer. All the specs state that the toner cartridges have a capacity of 1500 pages at 5% coverage. Does that mean 1500 pages per cartridge? ie 6000 pages for CMYK. If so, I am only averaging 2000 pages at 5% coverage. Anybody know why this might be? I have it set at the lowest resolution. Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 14:03 11 Nov 05

The page figures are only going to be cumulative if you print in a pure monotone, ie 100% Cyan, 100% Yellow & 100% magenta. This is a virtual impossablity and the printer is going to be blending the print colour from all available cartridges. So the 1500 pages at 5% is an average figure for all cartridges on a set colour sample print. Clearly the life of each cartridge will be affected by the colour balance of what you are printing. So 2000 pages is actually pretty good.

  €dstowe 14:43 11 Nov 05

Never expect these figures to have any real life meaning. Cartridge capacity figures should only be used in comparing printers and even then, different manufacturers use different measuring criteria and methods so any correlation between brands is unreliable.

  MrsMilton 15:57 11 Nov 05

So the costing figures I referred to before I bought it are totally misleading. Ameiva quote 1.83 pence per A4 at 5% using high capacity cartridges. Looks more like 11p using std capacity and 6p using high capacity. Bit of a difference don't you think? The document I am printing is nothing special, a questionnaire in Word. Since I am trying to run a small business from home this has quite an impact on my costs.
Feeling a little duped here.
Thanks for your input.

  Gongoozler 16:19 11 Nov 05

If you can, always set the print options to black and white when you don't need colour, that should help keep the costs down.

  Gongoozler 16:21 11 Nov 05

Refilling the cartridges could also help click here

  €dstowe 16:36 11 Nov 05

We have several general purpose "dogs-body" low cost B/W laser printers which we refill with toner ourselves. The running costs are so low we don't even consider them.

If you have a business, only print when it is necessary and only use colour when it is absolutely necessary.

  Gongoozler 09:30 12 Nov 05

Hi €dstowe. Where do you get your toner refills so that your running costs are "so low we don't even consider them"?

  Belatucadrus 09:44 12 Nov 05

CartridgeCo UK click here is a good place for toners, but unfortunately they don't appear to list Konica.

  €dstowe 12:09 12 Nov 05

We refill with toner from click here

The toner is not free, of course but, at the low prices charged for quite a large bottle* of Xerox toner combined with buy two get one free at it was the last time we purchased, we don't make any fuss about it in the accounts.

*One bottle fills my Samsung cartridges two and a half times.

Belatucadrus: CartridgeCo may offer advice about printers not listed on their site - always worth a try.

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