Laser Mouse niggle

  Furkin 09:57 05 Mar 09

Hi guys,
A few months ago, I ended up with a PC-Line (PCL-FL1) Laser Mouse from PC-World.

It has been a great item so far,,,, but yesterday it started to 'play up' (I think that's the technical term !).

It seems that the curser is now a bit,,, well sort of 'wobbly'. It sort of flickers/jumps about a bit around where it should be. It isn't constant, but every 2 or 3 times I move it.

It's a USB item & I have tried it in several sockets, but it's the same.
I don't have access to another unit to try it on.

Any ideas out there please ?
Am about to call PC-W, but I didn't keep the receipt for this,,,, but if there is a known problem with this model, it would be nice to tell them.

thanks for reading this,,,,,

  woodchip 10:17 05 Mar 09

Try Uninstalling it from Device Manager. But first before you do the above, connect your old mouse to use to reboot so that it as two mice's reboot and it should reinstall the mouse. The one to uninstall is a HID-compliant mouse

  Furkin 12:05 05 Mar 09

Thanks WC:

Do I just plug my old USB mouse in AS WELL AS the Laser ?

Should my machine recognise the 'old' meece ?
Will it boot up o.k with two meeces ?

Then do I remove HID Complient from D.Manager, and then re-install it ?


  woodchip 13:03 05 Mar 09


  woodchip 13:05 05 Mar 09

You would be better using a PS/2 mouse then you will know what to uninstall. You can only plug a PS/2 mouse in when the Computer is switch off

  gazzaho 21:27 05 Mar 09

Just out of curiosity have you changed to a different mouse mat or similar? The reason I ask is that my Logitech MX610 mouse won't work with the Steelseries mouse mat I recently bought, the pointer is erratic and sometimes jumps about but works fine on other mats.

  Furkin 21:47 14 Mar 09

Thanks folks,

I tried swapping & re-installing etc, but to no avail.

MARG7: Thanks for that - so simple eh ? I never thought of it.

GAZZAHO: No mate. I had changed nothing,,,,

My local PCW (Truro) are as good as gold (so far). They told me to take it back & they'd swap it. I told her that I didn't have the receipt, but it didn't seem to matter ! I mentioned that I was disabled, & they dropped me one in the post.

Now I have the new one, I might strip the old one down & give it a damn good clean,,,, can't hurt owt now.

thanks all.

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