Larger HD in Acer TravelMate 201T

  m800afc 12:19 02 Aug 09

Acer TravelMate 201T; XP Pro; SP2

I have just received my battered old Travelmate after an extended loan period. Everything seems to be fine, but the hard drive, which seemed large at the time, is very small compared to modern laptops. The drive in question is an IBM-DJSA-205, which has a capacity of 5Gb.
I would like to replace this with a larger drive, but have a vague recollection that there is a limit on the size of the drive. Is this the case? If so how do I get round it? What is the recommended larger capacity drive for this machine?
If the worst comes to the worst, I will use an external drive, which I already have, but I don't really want to lug around an external drive.

  norman47 12:30 02 Aug 09

It should take a 30Gb drive click here and might go to a 80Gb one.

Bios limitation are at 8.4Gb, 32Gb and the 84Gb.

It might be worth looking at the bios updates to see if an update has been out for a larger drive.

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