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  User-178362 20:17 19 Sep 05

Could you please tell me, when I click on Insert picture, on an email. It comes much to large? Windows XP. useing Outlook Express

  stalion 20:23 19 Sep 05

try reducing the size of your pics before you put them in your emails click here

  User-178362 20:28 19 Sep 05

I know I can reduce the pic, but I lose the pic quality right?

  VoG II 20:29 19 Sep 05

Does this help click here

  User-178362 20:40 19 Sep 05

Sometimes I like to put more than one pic on an email so I click on send to, then click on insert pic so I have more than one pic on an email.

  User-178362 20:43 19 Sep 05

This isn't my PC but I would like to get it sorted.

  lindyloo4 22:48 19 Sep 05

Try click here You can send a large number at once and the quality remains the same.

  DieSse 23:13 19 Sep 05

"I know I can reduce the pic, but I lose the pic quality right?"

Not quite - if you want a smaller size - then you can reduce the size, which will reduce the number of pixels in it pro rata with the size. The quality per se doesn't change. But if the recipient wants to increase the size again - the pic quality will be lower than the original of the same size.

It's all down to what you want to acheive.

If it's the highest quality at the original size, at the far end - then do nothing to them (and ignore what they look like in the email)

If it's to display in the email at the far end, at a size that looks reasonable, then reduce them to about 600pixels wide. Since the average display is set to 800 or 1024 or 1280 pixels wide, you can see right away how much space on the screen a 600 pixel wide image will show at.

  palinka 16:10 20 Sep 05

thanks for that link, stalion - it's just what I've been looking for! (Sorry to borrow your thread Sea Princess).

  User-178362 18:23 29 Sep 05

Stalion I have installed The program you surgested. Will I be able to send more than one pic at a time, and will the quality remain the same? Also It strongly surgested that I down load some others, but I do not know what these are so surly there isn't any need to download. I have been clicking on different headings but when I do I am not understanding what I am reading so I think whats the point.
Do you think I might be better of with Picasa as this states you can send more than one pic.

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