Large Fragment in C drive

  tomc 22:48 21 Jan 03
  tomc 22:48 21 Jan 03

I dual boot 98SE & XP pro but rarely use 98 now. Consequently, I don't even bother to defrag it (it is the 'C' drive). However, I noticed that it was now nearly full and didn't know why. when I defraged it it left a huge Red line. I checked the report and it had the following -
2 3.94 GB \FOUND.000\FILE0000.CHK

What is this file(s)? It doesn't show up anywhere in the 'C' drive (does that mean its in the root?) and how do I get rid of it? I have noticed that my compuetr has slowed recently, is this the cause?

  DieSse 22:53 21 Jan 03

It's a "recovered" file fragment as the result of a Scandisk. Could be anything, but probably should just be deleted.

  woodchip 23:34 21 Jan 03

It is in the root and you mite as well delete it as you cannot do anything with it scandisk does not know were the info belongs. if you have a problem after you will have to solve one at a time as they surface

  tomc 14:01 22 Jan 03

Thanks to you both for your advice. However, how do i delete it? I can't see it. How do you delete from the root? I realise this is probably so obvious...but!!!

  woodchip 16:07 22 Jan 03

It should show under C:\ in Explorer it may be hidden go to view\folder options\view select show all files

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