large files over the internet.

  steveooo 19:40 16 Nov 04

Can anyone help?? me and my friend like to send files over the internet but at the moment we use msn messenger to do this but when sendin big files like video files it sometimes failes..

is there a better way of doing this ???

  ICF 19:57 16 Nov 04

Are you winziping or winraring them to make them smaller?

  steveooo 10:19 18 Nov 04

they will still be large..

my point is we both have broadband but messenger has a habit of signing u out half way through a dwld,,

help please???

  ste_bla 10:36 18 Nov 04

i have a friend who creates a basic website from his own computer using his ip address as the URL. then with a link of the file on the webpage then the other person downloads it.

I personally dont know how to do it but it might be an idea, prehaps ask in webdesign forum.

Note: Your IP normally changes each time you reboot modem/router unless you have a static IP and therefore the url will change when you reboot.

  ICF 17:21 18 Nov 04

You can split files into segments with Outlook Express and they are joined together in the recipients computer by Outlook Express.

  The Spires 18:54 18 Nov 04

Have you tried AIM as I remember you can continue file transfers that have aborted. click here

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