Large display.

  maccster 12:21 15 Jan 06

When i use the internet the pages that are displayed are very large. I don't mean minimize or mazimize i mean the size of the overall page is huge. Does any body know how to reduce this please. I'm using aol 9.0 on windows xp.

  GuZ><0r 12:22 15 Jan 06

Do you mean that the text is in a large font?

  User-312386 12:23 15 Jan 06

right click an empty part of the desktop, select properties>settings and then move the slider along to 1024 x 768

  User-312386 12:24 15 Jan 06


If you mean the page is to large, then press F11 to have the page back to normal

  maccster 12:31 15 Jan 06

sorry but none of the first three tips seem to work. guz- i mean the whole of a web page is displayed large.

  De Marcus™ 12:38 15 Jan 06

What size monitor do you have maccster?

  maccster 12:40 15 Jan 06

i have a hidious 17" crt monitor.

  De Marcus™ 12:45 15 Jan 06

Increase the resolution to 1280x1024.

  De Marcus™ 12:46 15 Jan 06

That should decrease the size of your whole desktop and anything viewed on it.

  maccster 12:48 15 Jan 06

Sorry for sounding like a real thicky but how do i do that?

  De Marcus™ 12:50 15 Jan 06

Right click on an empty part of the desktop and select properties. Click on the settings tab and then move the slider along till you get 1280x1024. Click ok. If this doesn't resolve the problem your having, just revert the slider back to where it was, presumably 1024x768.

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