Large audio file to CD?

  sobeitjedi 10:12 12 Feb 04


How can I copy one large mp3 (74,062 KB - 126 mins) to CD so that it can play on a standard CD player?

Will I have to cut it in half?

  leo49 10:17 12 Feb 04

You won't get a quart in a pint pot. If it's 126 minutes long, then it's 126 minutes long - you'll have to use 2 CDs.

  sobeitjedi 10:19 12 Feb 04

How do I chop it in half then?

  leo49 10:25 12 Feb 04

What do you use to burn to CD? If you've got Nero you can use Nero Wave Editor to split it or there are several freeware simple audio editors available - eg MP3DirectCut

click here

  TBH1 10:39 12 Feb 04

there are tools out there to edit mp3 and wav files, can't think of there name right now. However, i noticed you said you wanted to play on an ordinary cd player - - well, bare in mind that most audio cd players will not play mp3's and so this will have to be converted back to an aidio file - - using considereably more than 2 cds

  leo49 11:32 12 Feb 04

You are a little confused. Yes the MP3 is converted to audio format when being burnt to audio CD - but that was a "given" in the question.

However, an audio CD contains 80 minutes of music.It doesn't matter whether the MP3 file is encoded at 128,160,192,256 or 320,when converted onto a burnt audio CD I minute of music will require approx,10mb of CD space whatever the bitrate of the source MP3.Thus a 126 minute MP3 will fit comfortably on 2 CDs.[Try it with the same song encoded at 2 different MP3 bitrates and you'll see that the resulting .wav is the same size give or take a kb or two.]

  TBH1 11:40 12 Feb 04

leo49 - you were right, I WAS confused :) - - - I'll get me coat !!

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