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Laptops. Stay on mains or not?

  Ancient Learner 17:07 31 Oct 05

I am using my Laptop as a Desktop at the moment.

Do I leave it plugged into the mains all the time, or might this damage the battery. I notice that as soon the battery has become fully charged, the appropriate icon tells me that it is on AC power, so perhaps this indicates that it is Ok to do just that.

When I say stay plugged in to the mains, I do mean even when the Laptop is switched off as well. (overnight)

This might seem so simple, but I have been told that laving it plugged in will considerably shorten the battery life, however, there is so much 'all' information about, that I would like to know!

  Chegs ® 17:12 31 Oct 05

Remove battery once charged,else you'll seriously shorten its life,and at £100 a pop,you soon get the idea.

  PaulB2005 17:14 31 Oct 05

Oh cheap! Last one i replaced was £185 in VAT and P&P.

For the laptop here i have removed the battery and it's left plugged into the mains all the time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 31 Oct 05

Laptop Batteries Info
click here
click here

  Chegs ® 17:21 31 Oct 05

That was the price of replacement for my Thinkpad,but I aint paying that,I found a seller on Ebay with them at £38,which I still aint paying.I use the battery off my cordless jigsaw,as I rarely need the saw,its battery was gonna die thru lack of use,five mins with the soldering iron,attached a length of wire with a suitable plug on its end,and roberts your senior family member. ;-)

  Ancient Learner 17:38 31 Oct 05

So the info was correct after all! Thank you.

I do not need the battery function at all at the moment. From what you say, PaulB2005, I can disconnect from the mains, remove the battery, and then reconnect, and the laptop will work with no ill effects. Could you please confirm that for me!

  PaulB2005 17:40 31 Oct 05

You can do that. We leave the mains on though as it'll help keep the internal clock accurate - so i believe. Perhaps we don't need to do that either?

Obviously after a while if you need the battery it'll take a bit to charge it up.

  Ancient Learner 17:42 31 Oct 05

Thank you. I'll try it! .Sounds as though it could save me a lot of grief.

  Ancient Learner 10:15 01 Nov 05

I have now removed the battery and all is well. I didn't think it would work without one in, but it does. Thank you again.

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