Laptops need access to multiple printers

  maz75 18:26 26 Feb 14

The school I work at has decided to get rid of the central printer/copier that we have a install smaller units in classes. On the whole, this is great for the user. However, we have a bank of laptops which are used by four different classes. So every time a laptop is used in a different room it is going to have to be able to print to one of the 4 new printers. Am I going to have to install all 4 printers on every laptop or is there an easier way of doing this? I'm hoping that they are all the same (but to be honest you just never know!) so I will only have to deal with one driver.

  BRYNIT 19:38 26 Feb 14

I have two HP photosmart 5520 printers (only because I got the two for £6 at an auction) each printer uses a different IP address when connected via WiFi and both show as different printers if connected via USB ie HP5520 and HP5520 (1).

To know which printer I was using I went to Devices and printers, right click on a printer, selected properties and renamed the printers this allowed me to select the correct printer from the drop down menu.

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