laptops blinding effect

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 00:56 07 Jul 06

ever since i reinstalled windows xp, it is as though there isnt enough memory. the computer runs fast enough but theres like a "blind transition" effect when i change over windows or browsers. the worse is when i try and watch videos. the sound is fine but the picture jumps all the time again like blinds, every time the scene changes. i dont have a grpahics card, there is more than enough free memory, my pageing file is at its maximum and Direct X up to date. any suggestions are much appreciated as it is very annoying :-\

  MAJ 09:42 07 Jul 06

You don't give any details on the spec of your computer, even whether it's a laptop or a Desktop model, Binary Ghost (the only Paul), but have you tried changing the monitor's refresh rate to see if it improves matters?

oops sorry m8, all is good now..staying up till 5am, i have managed to sort it!. thanx anyways :)

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