laptop xp screen

  denis93 05 Dec 11

my niece has an xp laptop,the screen has went blank and is now showing coloured up and down lines,i plugged a monitor into it,and the monitor is showing normal xp screen,what can i do,as the monitor is not hers and she cant afford one

  buteman 06 Dec 11

Looks like her graphichs card needs updating.

See if it starts in safe mode keep tapping F5 or f8 as the computer starts and go into safe mode with networking. Go into device manager and click on Display Adapters and it should tell you what she has installed on her computer.

Double click on that and click on driver.And try and update the driver.

Not sure if you can do that in normal conditions with the external monitor plugged in whether it would find the driver for that or not.

No doubt someone will be able to give you better advice but it gives you something to try while waiting.

Even using the external monitor it should tell you what graphics card is being used just a matter of going to the makers site and downloading the latest driver for it.

  onthelimit1 06 Dec 11

Not quite sure why the external monitor will work and not the usual screen if there is a driver/graphics chip problem. More likely to be the lead connecting the screen to mobo, but that requires considerable dismantling to change. Other alternative is that it's the screen itself. Prices vary from £15 to over a hundred, depending on the make (plus fitting).

  buteman 06 Dec 11


You are quite right never thought of that.

  buteman 06 Dec 11

From another Forum.

Monitor is dying, just to be sure you can plug another desk top monitor into your laptop and if it functions just fine you will know for sure that you laptop monitor is on the way out, and they are pretty expense to replace unless its under warranty.

Another that shows different faults.

Does it show your fault and tell you what the outcome is.

  denis93 06 Dec 11

buteman example 1 is exactly the same as mine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Dec 11

Unfortunately that looks like a new screen is required

Companies were throwing away CRT monitors only a couple of years ago ask around someone may still have one tucked away.

The laptop can be plugged into a Flat screen TV to act as a monitor for the time being.

  onthelimit1 06 Dec 11

What is the make and model of the laptop? Some are quite easy to dismantle/check the connections.

  buteman 06 Dec 11


Not sure if it 100% accurate or not,But it does look like it.

Maybe best waiting for someone else to confirm it or not.

If she is only using it in the house you can pick up one of those old monitors for a couple of £ but they are a bit of an eyesore nowadays.

  robin_x 06 Dec 11 CRTs come up often in my area.

My brother had a spare old LCD when mine went kaputt on my Desktop PC.

Not very convenient with a laptop though unless used on a desk.

If any of the family or friends are reasonably practical with a screwdriver, laptop screens are relatively easy to change.

How to replace laptop screen.

Add you make and model for more definitive search.

Also see for make + model + screen

  denis93 06 Dec 11

onthelimitone its a toshiba equium m50-216


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