Laptop wont turn on+White flashing lightening bolt flashing?

  buel 19 Jun 11

Hello. My girlfriend's HP Pavillion DV4 1000ea laptop has just crashed+wont start up. It is plugged into the mains. When i press the power buttom a white lightening bolt symbol flashes at the front of the laptop and a single white light flashes once on the laptop directly under the power cable and the laptop will not start up. I have taken the battery+power cable out+pressed the power button for a minute and tried again but still no luck. Please can anyone suggest what the problem is?

  buel 19 Jun 11

Ps- Should the laptop be able to work ok with no battery and whilst the power cable is in?

  buel 19 Jun 11

PPs- the white lightening bolt flashes white when i try to power up the laptop with NO power cable plugged in?

  buel 19 Jun 11

Sorry for this- I've looked to buy a replacement power cable from Amazon but am so confused as there seem to be lots on there, for example the power lead i have says 250 volts but this one here:

says 19 volts?? There seem to be so many different price ranges, from £14.99 to £60.

Please can someone offer some advice?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Jun 11

Remove the battery and try on mains only

  buel 19 Jun 11

Thank you for that Fruit Bat. I tried that and there was no power and no flashing white lightening symbol?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Jun 11
  1. check socket works by plugging in something else
    1. check fuse in plug
    2. can you change input lead on adaptor?
    3. check adaptor ouput is 19v DC using a voltage tester

If adaptor out put is OK then laptop DC socket or power board / motherboard US

  buel 19 Jun 11

Hi, Plug socket is fine.

Fuse has been changed and still the same result

can you change input lead on adaptor? -Do you mean can i disconnect the lead from the 'junction box' that is half way between the plug and the round power lead end? Yes i can.

I will have to buy a voltage tester.

Are you saying if the output is 19v then i need a new power borad/motherboard? Please explain what 'US' means after you put 'motherboard'?

  woodchip 19 Jun 11

You need to check the output Volts on the old mains adapter, it sounds like it needs replacing. If you have a meter plug the adapter in and put the positive prod to centre of laptop end of out put lead and black to outer of plug to see if it putting out any DC volts check your meter for settings for DC volts before testing and set it to about 20 volts scale

  buel 20 Jun 11

Thank you for that, I will try to get it checked today.

In the meantime, please can someone explain to me what is the difference between the different priced power leads for the HP Laptop on Amazon here:

  woodchip 20 Jun 11

it all depends where they come from and there supplier


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