Laptop wont play dvd´s

  Daxsimus 21:36 05 Jan 05

Hi, I have a tiny A440 laptop it plays most cd´s roms and some dvd´s but mainly,plays no dvd´s at all. I have downloaded drivers etc and have considered replacing the drive but I thought this a bit extreme as it plays some dvd´s so I think the drive is working. Can anyone tell me why it would play some and not others? Has anyone got any ideas as what to do? Dax

  AndySD 21:42 05 Jan 05

What operating system is it?

  Daxsimus 21:44 05 Jan 05

originally ME replaced with XP Pro

  AndySD 21:53 05 Jan 05

On my laptop it was to many processes running in the background.

Go Ctrl/Alt/Delete and Task Manager and turn some of the processes off before trying to play dvd's

  Daxsimus 22:03 05 Jan 05

Got 28 running processes is that too many?

  pharte 22:15 05 Jan 05

my laptop was the same with ordinary cd's (wasn't a dvd anyway) and would only play disce intermittantly, bought a new drive and all was well again.

  Daxsimus 22:22 05 Jan 05

Is there a website then that will tell me what drive will fit my laptop? or are they all standard size?

  colorado kid 22:55 05 Jan 05

Are there any differences between the dvds that play and those that don't ? I have a dvd produced by a local small company featuring my local GAA club which will play fine on my dvd player but not on my pc or laptop - I think it is protected in some way to prevent copying. Could this be happening with those that won't play on your laptop?

  TomJerry 23:57 05 Jan 05

you can change region 4 times, after that it is locked to the last region you changed to, so DVD movies from other regions cannot be played.

it is possible to get around this problem, but this will be beyond the scope if this forum.

  Night Ryder 00:42 06 Jan 05

Had this problem many times at work running DVD movies on a laptop. All I'd get is a black screen with sound only running. I found that if I started with the lowest screen resolution the picture would return. Then I would up the resolution step at a time untill I found the optimum that woud run the movie. Sometimes with older laptops the picture coud only be seen at the lowest resolution.

  Night Ryder 01:14 14 Jan 05

What! Beat it with a stick within an inch of it's life.

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