Laptop won't connect to wireless router

  snowy30 24 Jul 12

I now have another problem, a problem that has me stumped.

My laptop won't connect to the wireless router. It connected before, but now as I went to use it today, it wouldn't connect, and I tried about everything I could think of.

My laptop is a Dell Inspirion 1525 using Windows Vista, and my wireless router is a TPLink router. The router works as I can connect my smartphone, and my Blu_ray player through it. I resetted the router many a time using a small screwdriver but each time on opening a browser I gets a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it in the system tray. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless card; I tried using WEP and an open unsecured network - as the laptop never connects using WPA-Personal, I've always used WPA2 using encryption TKIP, but for some reason it couldn't connect. I even used encryption method AES, but still it wouldn't connect. Even obtaining IP adress automatically doesn't solve the problem.

This has happened since I've connected my laptop via ethernet cable, when I was having trouble with my main (tower) computer last week. I even tried disabling ethernet port, but nothing seems to work

  northumbria61 24 Jul 12

Do you have a wireless button (usually on the front of laptop)? If so make sure you haven't accidentally set it to OFF.

  chub_tor 24 Jul 12

There is a wireless on off switch on your laptop Click Here for the manual and scroll down to Right Side View.

  snowy30 24 Jul 12

I am well aware of the on/off switch on the side, but for some reason the laptop won't connect

  chub_tor 24 Jul 12

That's good, then have you followed the Dell troubleshooting guide for Internet connection problems?

  rhianlopez 30 Jul 12

Before doing anything be sure that the networks are properly set-up, the buttons are pressed including that of the laptop and that the wifi option of the router is "ON" also that the dsl is connected to the router in the correct place. If still it will not work, check the settings of the wifi adapter if there's a password, that the password was entered properly. Try also to set-up again the network connection, check this guide for help


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