Laptop won't connect to BT WiFi automatically- Please help.

  buel 25 Jan 13

Hi, I have a laptop with a wireless dongle. When it is started, it comes up with a message saying that it is connected to BT WiFi (which is what I usually connect with). 99% of the time when i open Firefox it connects first to the WiFi and automatically enters my details and I can surf from then on. However, all yesterday and today, the process is exactly the same apart from when i open Firefox it tries to connect to Google instead of the WiFi spot.

Please can i ask why this is and also what i can do to change this back? I have tried going to my history and double clicking on (three days ago) the the route it used to connect by (WiFi).

  buel 25 Jan 13

Hello, anyone?

  lotvic 26 Jan 13

Not very clear what you mean?

When you say "when i open Firefox it tries to connect to Google instead of the WiFi spot"

"it" are you saying the dongle disconnects from BT internet WiFi

and.. Nah, I still don't get what you mean, sorry.

  buel 26 Jan 13

No problem. I should have been clearer. The dongle connects to the WiFi hotspot but when I open Firefox it usually gets 'hijacked' to go to the BT Fon WiFi log in page first and then on to Google after I have input my log in details.

Yesterday it was constantly just trying to connect to Google.....and obviously failing.

Weirdly, this morning I restarted the laptop and upon opening Firefox it went straight to the BT WiFi page. Obviously I am happy but I'd still like to know why I had the problems yesterday?

  onthelimit1 26 Jan 13

Is this router at your home? If so, why are you connecting to the hotspot part of the router, and not the usual?

  buel 26 Jan 13

Does it matter?

  lotvic 26 Jan 13

I don't get why you need to use a dongle with a laptop.

  buel 26 Jan 13

The laptop is old and does not have wireless itself. Now, can we get back to the initial problem please, if that's ok?

  onthelimit1 26 Jan 13

Does it matter? As far as I'm aware, there is no log-in screen if you use the 'normal' output from a Homehub.

  onthelimit1 26 Jan 13

should have added 'once you've put in the WiFi key and ticked auto the first time'.

  Secret-Squirrel 26 Jan 13

Buel, I think the problem lies with the hotspot you're trying to connect to rather than a fault on your laptop. One possible cause is that the hotspot's DHCP server is a bit slow to issue you with an IP address. Or perhaps the hotspot's DNS server is not quick enough.

If it happens again, close all browsers, wait for a few seconds and try again. The chances are that you'll then get the BT Fon/WiFi landing page so you can login and start browsing normally.


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