Laptop won't boot ---- please help

  lucasj20 12:39 02 Aug 04

Hi everyone!

Got a prob with my Tiny A360 (don't laugh!).
Gonna cram in all the details so please bear with me...

Had a longstanding prob with the Batt, wouldn't hold a charge. Got a used one in a second hand bundle from ebay, worked ok. But, the connection with the power cable and laptop was a bit dodgy so i decided to investigate, plus I thought the comp was overheating and needed a bit of a dust out. Took it apart and found HUGE clumps of dust in the heatsink/fan. Cleaned them out, couldn't do owt about the dodgy connect so put everything back together...and you guessed won't boot!!!!!!!

The strange thing is that everything seems to be working, it turns on, floppy, cd and HD are all functioning, the TINY.COM logo appears on screen (this is normal) but doesn't go. Can't get into POSt or BIOS either. Also tried another keyboard but same thing....any ideas?????????????


  lucasj20 13:39 02 Aug 04


  jonnytub 13:44 02 Aug 04

not a lot of help really but i suggest you dissasemble it all over again and make sure no cables are trapped, and everything is where it should be, if you can't get into or even past the bios i don't think there's a lot else you can do.

  lucasj20 13:56 02 Aug 04

ok, thanks...i've already check all the you think its the processor?

  jonnytub 13:58 02 Aug 04

Could be that it was slightly dislodged. Do you get any bios beeps???

  lucasj20 14:07 02 Aug 04

no beeps, but i don't think i ever did?

if the processor has died, would the comp go into BIOS?

  jonnytub 14:09 02 Aug 04

not sure, maybe a bump on this at around 7 or 8oclock tonight when more members are online would be better.

  lucasj20 14:11 02 Aug 04

ok, will do, thanks for the help anyway

  jonnytub 14:13 02 Aug 04

also you could try resetting the bios by removing the cmos battery for a short while.

  lucasj20 14:17 02 Aug 04

0k, silly question...wheres that and what does it look like??

what if it was removed for a LONG while??

  jonnytub 14:45 02 Aug 04

the cmos battery is about 1 inch in size, it is located on the mobo and it wouldn't matter how long it was out.

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