laptop wont boot up?

  dfghjkl 00:28 26 Dec 07

hi my toshiba satellite 1700 running xp wont boot up,when i turn it on it go,s to a differant first boot screen and then go,s straight to set up,it wont even reformat it just does the same,is the hard drive dead? happy christmas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:14 26 Dec 07

try removing and refitting the HDD.

what message do you get on the first screen?

  dfghjkl 01:32 31 Dec 07

hi,sorry i have not replyed but my main pc went down as well(new psu)do you mean physicaly as in open it up and do it ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:59 31 Dec 07


physical remove the drive from the laptop and then refit it.

The idea is to remake the connections to the drive this may solve your problem.

  dfghjkl 15:02 31 Dec 07

thanks i will try it,i have done it to my pc before but i have not ventured into the laptop yet.

  dfghjkl 15:03 31 Dec 07

just a thought but the hard drive is recognised in the bios.

  skidzy 15:08 31 Dec 07

Can you boot into safemode ?

  dfghjkl 15:17 31 Dec 07

no,when i try it starts to work on safe mode but freezez up when you get all the writing accross the screen

  skidzy 15:21 31 Dec 07

Ok can you boot into the bios ?

One thing to eliminate harddrive failure is to remove the drive and place in a 2.5 caddy and hook upto another computer,and see if the drive is accessible.You could use a usb adaptor cable if no caddy.

Also check your ram is firmly fitted,should be a small compartment on the bottom of the laptop.

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