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Laptop without Floppy or CD Rom

  Demora 15:00 04 Apr 05

My other half went to a computer fair this last weekend and bought a Gateway Solo 3350 notebook pc. BUT there isn't an operating system or anything on the hard drive.

I cannot load anything because theres no cd or floppy drive and the thing wont boot from a USB drive or pcmcia dvd.

Is there anyway I can get windows 2000 onto the hard drive or at least some driver to get the thing going


  woodchip 15:16 04 Apr 05

External CD rom drive, cost may be about as much as the laptop is worth

  woodchip 15:20 04 Apr 05

What connections have you? on the laptop

  so3003 15:21 04 Apr 05

Yeh, the best bet is to try borrowing an external cd-rom from someone (or buying if you're desperate!) and loading OS through that. Or might be easier to cut your losses and sell the laptop as new rather than go to all the hassle?!

  pauldonovan 15:21 04 Apr 05

The OS must've got on there somehow (maybe at the factory).

I wonder if there's a network boot option in the BIOS...?

Looking on google for that model it appears that it did once come with a CD rom and Floppy externally that you could boot from.

Does it have connectors for those and if so what kind?

You can apparently buy parts for it here (it is a Laptop from the USA which makes it a bit more interesting):

click here

The bios is apparently this:

click here

which it says CAN boot via USB. I suspect you might be able to get a USB floppy/CD going via the BIOS in that case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 04 Apr 05

LAptop harddrive adaptor cable click here click here

Plug the harddrive into your desktop PC and install the operating system

  woodchip 15:25 04 Apr 05

If you have USB click here for a usb drive

  pauldonovan 15:27 04 Apr 05

..read his post he says:

"and the thing wont boot from a USB drive or pcmcia dvd"

So sending links to USB won't help, we need to tackle his USB problem first.

  Demora 15:38 04 Apr 05

I have an IDE to USB connector cable and I'll first give that option a shot.

Thanks so far

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