Laptop Without Battery

  morddwyd 16:27 21 Apr 14

I'm having serious battery problems with mu laptop.

What happens if I try to run it direct from the adapter, with no battery?

I seem to have read somewhere that total disaster will ensue.

Can somebody confirm please?

  rdave13 16:31 21 Apr 14

I have been running an old Compaq c500 without a batter for a long time. Only recently the cmos battery is running down and have to re-set the time after booting.

  caccy 16:51 21 Apr 14

Depends what type of charging the battery requires. Some need a higher voltage than the battery to charge. If it is this type then you will blow it up. Me would not attempt it. Leave the battery in it and connect the charger and run it that way until you can get a new battery.

  spuds 18:13 21 Apr 14

Having a quick look around Google, and the general feeling seems to be "fine to do so".

I have a laptop with a dud battery left in, and just use via the adapter. It's been no bother, so far. Only problem, when I unplug from the mains, the battery soon loses power very rapidly.

  onthelimit1 18:39 21 Apr 14

Been using a Dell Inspiron for 5 yrs with no battery. No problem!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 21 Apr 14

Tosh satellite with no battery works fine.

I think you should not remove the battery while on and charging as the spike produced s you remove the load of the battery could blow the voltage regulator.

power off remove battery run on mains only and it will be good.

  bumpkin 18:55 21 Apr 14

"I seem to have read somewhere that total disaster will ensue."

It won't it will work fine on the adapter only.

  VCR97 18:56 21 Apr 14

Four laptops without batteries - no problem. When I got my first laptop from Evesham they recommended using it without battery if it was being used as a desk-top.

  morddwyd 19:02 21 Apr 14

Thanks all.

I've been been running it with a duff battery for some weeks. The battery is still under warranty (December) and I asked for a replacement, but they won't play, want it back to re-rejuvenate it!

I think they're on a non-starter - as soon as the power supply is removed the computer dies.

In the meantime, of course I am without my laptop, which is, in fact, my primary computer.

I've tried popping the hard drive into a caddy to get at some of my files but can't get anything to read it.

I'm getting a bit desperate so I might take a chance, if only for long enough to get some file onto a USB drive.

Thanks for the responses.

  alanrwood 19:28 21 Apr 14

It will not cause a problem. The voltage regulation circuitry will be able to sense it and adjust accordingly.

  rdave13 20:00 21 Apr 14

Remember, if you have a healthy battery and still 'charging' from the AC adapter, then once the battery is 'full' it will run off the 'mains' adapter anyway. The only problem that can happen is if you get a power-cut, with no user battery installed then you don't have the "UPS" features. Also, in future, your cmos battery will die.

The problems with keeping a 'duff' battery still connected can create more problems than running without. These 'dead' batteries, although holding a minimum charge, can get "bloated" and expand and be a potential risk and also affect the laptop's performance.

If it's been only a few weeks then you've got another few years to go without problems, barring power-cuts.

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