laptop wireless dead

  dumb_haddock 17:48 30 Jun 08

a friend of mine helped me reinstall my Acer Aspire laptop with Windows Xp after it developed a virus which i could not get rid of. once installed, i attempted to connect to my Belkin wireless router, however i was informed it had wpa-psk system and i needed to input a ASCII code or a hexadecimal code. i do not know the codes, and do not have access to a computer that will be able to connect to find out. I am unsure what to do. please help.


PS. i apologise but i am not very computer literate so i would appreciate step by step basic guides.


  grey george 19:26 30 Jun 08

Does the router have a reset button? Might just be a pin hole. Hold it in for 20 seconds it should return to default settings.

  T0SH 20:10 30 Jun 08

Use an ethernet cable to access the routers wireless security section it will show you the encryption key it is currently using

Cheers HC

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