emmeff 11:14 23 Apr 08

The QCOM Wireless Network Card on my Advent QC430
Laptop has suddenly disappeared from view. I have downloaded new drivers but it says no wireless card is installed. The ethernet controller is working fine. Is it likely that the card is dead and if so, where do I obtain a
new one?

  Ashrich 11:20 04 May 08

It does sound like it has died , especially as the drivers can't find it , can it be seen in Device Manager ? Sorry if it sounds like I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs , but it is turned on isn't it , the wireless button on the far right .....

If you do need to get one , I think you will need a Mini PCIe wireless card , do a search for them , PC Nextday do a good one based on the latest Atheros chipset .


  emmeff 09:08 05 May 08

Thanks Ashley, have tried all possibilities but without success. The mini PCIe Wireless Card I need from PC Nextday is not yet available!
Just my luck, so I am still shopping around. Some have a problem with Vista which is a problem I could do without! Hopefully I will have it sorted soon.

  Ashrich 10:27 05 May 08

The Broadcom cards that Dell use are Ok with Vista , and most if not all Atheros cards are excellent , although they are usually brand named by whoever supplies them ( HP , Gigabyte etc )


  emmeff 15:24 05 May 08

Thanks Ashley for info.

  Strawballs 21:23 05 May 08

As Ashrich asked it has not somehow got accidently turned off on the button? My HP laptop has a button at the top in the middle of the keyboard that the cat stood on once while the wife was using it and it took me a little while to work out why it had suddenly stopped working.

  emmeff 10:18 06 May 08

No, it isn't turned off. Have now dug deeply into the workings of the laptop and have concluded
the wireless card is dead. Thanks though.

  emmeff 11:19 20 May 08

Have fitted an Intel mini PCIe card works perfectly, thanks for all your help

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