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  Publisher 17:43 19 Jan 07

I have a desktop PC and a laptop. I have a BT Voyager 2100 router. The sytem works fine on the PC. I have bought a new adapter for my laptop as I think the old one had packed up (Model 1060). The new one is a 1065, but looks the same.

I cannot get it to set up. How do I find the wep? Please don't say its printed under the router cos it isn't.

It must be on my pc somewhere, is there any way to find it?


  Strawballs 22:52 19 Jan 07

This is expained in the link I gave in your other thread.

  Ashrich 00:25 20 Jan 07

Open your internet browser and type ( or cut and paste this without the quote marks ) "click here" and look in the wireless security section for your WEP code , or you can create a new one if you like . Enter this when asking the laptop to connect to the wireless network .


  Ashrich 00:27 20 Jan 07

Obviously , if you access this page through your main PC , clicking on the link I gave you will take you to the login page for your router ....


  Publisher 11:37 20 Jan 07

Strawballs, what other thread?

  Publisher 11:39 20 Jan 07

Ashrich, thanks, do I do that on the laptop or the desktop? The same wireless server is for both, so surely if I can find the wep code on my desktop I can just copy that to the laptop.

is that what you mean?

  Publisher 11:44 20 Jan 07

It asks me for a username and password, I can't recall ever using one when it was all set up. Would I have used one?

  Publisher 11:50 20 Jan 07

I realize nobody here has encountered anybody quite as stupid as me, but on the box it says:

'Easy plug and play installation - load CD, plug in the adapter then connect to the internet, it's easy!'

Who are they trying to kid?

  Publisher 12:03 20 Jan 07

Is the simplest solution to simply delete all internet connections, reset the router and start everything from scratch?

  postie24 12:32 20 Jan 07

Unplug router for 30 secs, reconnect,and turn it on

1. On the laptop you need to connect, click 'start', 'run' and type in "services.msc" without quotes.

2. Scroll down to wireless connection and right click it.

3. Click 'start'

4. right Click it again and click 'restart'

5. close the window.

6. Right click on the system tray icon for the adapter and click on 'view available connections'. This will pull up a window showing any available networks (and may list others in your area)

Note: If you do not see any connections repeat steps 1 to 6 again.

7. Choose the network you need to connect to and click connect.

Type in your browser the router homepage i think its for the bt router,click security and set up the wep or wpa encryption


  Publisher 12:36 20 Jan 07

Thanks postie, I'll try that, although the last line sounds very complicated to me, (set up the wep or wpa encryption), I hope its self explanatory.

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