Laptop and Windows XP Pro

  toga 21:52 22 Feb 06

I have a laptop, acer travelmate, pentium m. I need to reinstall windows XP, however, when I boot from the CD (via a dvd player) I get to the point when windows is going to let me select a drive partition to install windows on. Then the laptop power just cuts out (I am using the mains power adapter when this happens).

Has anyone had this experience or can anyone offer any help.

  handy4x 21:55 22 Feb 06

try the obvious first check all the conections especialy the plug in to the laptop sonds as though their is just enough battery to start then fades

  toga 22:07 22 Feb 06

All the connections seem ok. Would it help if I could re-format the drive first, using a boot disk and fidisk?

  VoG II 22:14 22 Feb 06

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