Laptop windows 7 start up fail

  Aristocatman 20 Jun 13

My Samsung RVS10 running Windows 7 Home premium suddenly went slow the failed to restart. I used Samsungs installed repair but it reported disc sector problem & recommended a new hard drive. In the end I did a full recovery as most info was backed up on my NAS unit. It is working OK but would you recommend fitting a new drive as this may be the start of disk failure?

  Devil Fish 20 Jun 13

click start / Right click my computer / right click C drive / click properties / select tools tab /then error checking / if check shows a lot of bad clusters then yes prepare your self for installing new hard drive / if only a few it will try to repair them but as always make sure important data is backed up at regular intervals

  onthelimit1 21 Jun 13

If there's any doubt, get a new hard drive while the existing one is still working - very quick and easy to clone the one to the other using Seagate or WD free clone tools (slimmed down version of Acronis). As it's a laptop, you'd need an external caddy to connect the new drive, but they're cheap enough.

  Aristocatman 23 Jun 13

Thank you for replies, I will replace the drive would it be Ok to replace the 360GB drive with a 500Gb drive as the cost difference is small?

  Aristocatman 26 Jun 13

New disc & caddy bought- good old Ebay all in an up & running I replaced the Toshiba 360GB with a Western Digital 650GB drive for a bit of extra capacity. Thanks to all for suggestions.

  chandrra 27 Jun 13

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