Laptop will not power on

  dobber 1 22:51 10 Feb 09

I bought a second hand IBM Thinkpad 600E a number of years ago, and used it sparingly. I since bought a PC and used this exclusively. Just recently I decided to reserect it and use it again. Initially it fired up and I used it for about 30mins. Then everthing went dead, I thought it may have been the battery, so this was replaced, as was the power supply (both pukka replacements). Still no joy, could anything else be at fault? When I plug in the power supply via the mains, the green light lights up, and when I plug the other end into the Thinkpad, the green light flickers and goes out.
Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 23:14 10 Feb 09

with the battery removed?

  dobber 1 11:23 11 Feb 09

No I can't.

  Taff™ 12:30 11 Feb 09

This is worth a try: Remove battery and power lead then press and hold the power on button for 30 seconds to a minute. As FE suggests, try booting with just the power lead and no battery.

  dobber 1 12:54 11 Feb 09

Tried Taff's suggestion, but to no avail. When I tried FE's suggestion, the green light on the power supply unit flickers red when the power on switch on the laptop is held on.

  Demora 09:11 12 Feb 09

Could be the socket on the motherboard for the charger.

I have an old thinkpad (380) This had spent 3 years in the conservatory, No heating, no blinds etc. I decided to charge it up and had the same problem. The soldering joints had gone.

I also had to buy a new battery for the CMOS. I got my daughters boyfriend to fix the socket and I installed CMOS battery. Works fine now.


  Strawballs 22:28 12 Feb 09

Socket connections to motherboard is a common problem for laptops I have a 4yr old HP pavillion which had a 3yr warranty and in those 3yrs it had 3 new motherboards on the warranty and it has just gone again.

  dobber 1 15:07 13 Feb 09

Hi Demora, I changed the CMOS battery, but still no joy. Thanks for your imput though.

  Demora 16:42 16 Feb 09

If you can try another power supply box on the laptop this might rule out a fault with the power cable etc.

I would then get someone to look at the socket that you plug the mains into.

This can be repaired. (had it done on 2 laptops now)

It just may end all your problems.


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