Laptop was dropped, now cant get past blue screen!

  whisked 08:53 24 Oct 08

My laptop fell onto a hard surface yesterday yet seemed ok for about an hour, but suddenly while not actually doing anything on it, the blue screen telling shot up telling me to prevent damage to windows...... etc

The message says the usual things like reboot and choose f8 for safe mode. The problem i have however is it just keeps going round in cirles, it wont start up on safe mode or last known configuration. It wont reboot on anything including any discs i put in.

Any suggestions please?


  Demora 09:17 24 Oct 08

Sounds like it could be the Hard drive. Have you any means of connecting the hdd to another pc? via a usb caddy. You could then access all your files and save them. Before you try using any re install or formatting (if the hdd is ok)

Also the memory chip could have been damaged. This will create BSDs.

Hope there are some pointers there.


  Technotiger 09:31 24 Oct 08

Another possibility is, that the jolt of the drop could simply have caused something to be dislodged from its usual position, the RAM stick, or a ribbon cable or similar becoming partially dislodged. I think a thorough physical check of everything possible, should be carried out first.

  whisked 09:53 24 Oct 08

Hi mate
Is that just a case of taking the HDD out the laptop, putting it in the caddy connected by USB to another machine, which then reads it like an external HD?

  Demora 10:14 24 Oct 08

Yes. Just don't connect it while the other pc is 'OFF'.

Forgot to mention the points that Technotiger wrote, But I'm sure if the covers are off then checking things is instinctive.


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