Laptop for Video Editing

  frybluff 03 Feb 12

I have been looking to get a better laptop. Whilst I am not into HEAVY gaming, some capability is desirable. My main concern is to be able to "experiment" with video editing. I have looked at various editing software, but, as I'm already using Photoshop Elements 8, for stills, it seems sensible to get PS Premier Elements for video, upgrading both to version 10. In terms of minimum system requirements, my initial thoughts of an i5 laptop, with modest discrete graphics, seems OK. However, I can't help wondering if something better, would be better. There's always a slightly better one, for a few quid more. What I would really appreciate, is for someone, using PSPE, on that sort of rig, to say either "It does everything I throw at it", or "It struggles a bit with some things", otherwise I'll keep upping my spec for ever. I saw a laptop, on ebay, the otherday, with a price of £161,000!! I think that was a typo .... but.

  rickf 03 Feb 12

How about an Acer AMD Phenon Quad Core with dedicated graphics Card? I got one recently and so far pleased with it. I upgraded to 8g DR3 Ram also. Think it costs me £349, memory upgrade extra from Simply Acer if that helps

  rickf 03 Feb 12

forgot to say it's an acer 5552G in case you are wondering.

  markd71 03 Feb 12

Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 i7-2670QM 6GB 750GB GT 540M 1GB DVDRW 15.6"W7HP Sony VAIO F23N1E/B i7-2670QM 4GB 640GB GT540M 1GB BluRay W7HP Probably too pricey

  rickf 03 Feb 12

Correction, my acer costs nearly £450. sorry about previous being misleading.


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