laptop very faint.

  kimtrnc 12 Apr 12

I am embarrassed! Quite sure there is a very simple solution to this, but my laptop (not often used) is so dim I cannot view/read it.

Help, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Apr 12

Ok if you can see an image then the screen is probaly good.

worse case is then backlights or invertor failure (very very dim)

if just dim then you should have some keys to brighten / dim the screen, you may need to press FN as well as the keys if brighten symbol in blue.

  buteman 12 Apr 12

Not sure about laptops but if you go to power options in control panel I think that gives you the option of changing power options when using a laptop and can make the screen brighter but uses up more battery resources.

Probably nothing to do with that but worth a look I suppose.

  iscanut2 12 Apr 12

The make/model of the laptop might be of help to anyone with the same or similar who might be able to advise.

  kimtrnc 12 Apr 12

Thanks guys - all it needed was FN +left facing triangle key. Now I am REALLY embarrassed..... Well, I am nearly 70 - does that excuse my idiocy?

  tullie 12 Apr 12

Nice to see another oldie,there are some on here that can beat that though.

  iscanut2 12 Apr 12

Welcome to the oldies club !!!

  john bunyan 12 Apr 12

You are a spring chicken compared to some of us. The forum is for help and I am sure we could all find similar problems for which a bit of help was needed.

  buteman 12 Apr 12


Just a memory thing.

We can remember things from 60 years ago but cannot remember something we did yesterday.Look on the bright side it can only get worse.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12 Apr 12

What was the question again? short term memory failing with age as the brain is nearly full, no room for the pagefile.


Glad its sorted.


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