Laptop versus Desktop

  belmore1 15:45 25 Oct 11

Will need to change my desktop in a few months. Undecided whether to keep to a desktop or change to a laptop. Apart from being mobile - which I don't really need, what is the advantage a laptop has?

  hastelloy 16:02 25 Oct 11

IMHO you get more for your money with a desktop, it's easier and cheaper to repair and/or upgrade and easier to use.

  johndrew 16:06 25 Oct 11

If you don't need the mobility, why pay for it?

Additionally, laptop batteries don't last forever and are expensive to replace, the screen on a laptop will almost certainly be smaller and a lower resolution, the HDD smaller - need I go on?

  belmore1 16:10 25 Oct 11

Confirmed what I thought, but good to have it verified by others. Many thanks.

  belmore1 16:12 25 Oct 11

Confirmed what I thought, but good to have it verified by others. Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 25 Oct 11

Avoid all in one desktops as same disadvantages as laptop

i.e not upgradable or easily repairable.

  robin_x 16:29 25 Oct 11

I prefer my laptop, although it is almost always in the living room. (Slightly) more sociable than being in a bedroom/study.

I used my old laptop for some years without a battery.

I am comfortable making repairs (elec eng)

When this one is absolutely on its last legs or needing 'upgrade' I will buy new.

So which is best?

There's only one way to find out...


  belmore1 16:34 25 Oct 11

Would not be interested in an all in one desktop - but thanks for the info.

  belmore1 16:39 25 Oct 11

Family would not take kindly to me using a laptop in the living room. Would think I was being anti social and not giving them due attention So no need for FIIGGGHHHT.....................

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