laptop from usa help needed

  ROB.R 06:02 26 Apr 07

i am going to florida soon and i am thinking of buying a laptop there but will it work back in england with the voltage here ie 240. please can you help me.thank you.

  Meshuga 07:52 26 Apr 07

There are things you need to take into account. Some parts of USA still work on 110 volts so you would need an adaptor for it to work here if you bought a 110V machine. USA frequency is 60 HZ where ours is 50HZ. You could have problems with the warranty if service was required and you would be liable for VAT when entering UK. Any financial savings could be wiped out. Hardly worth it in my opinion. If your object is saving money I think you would be better off looking fo special offers in UK.

  Gongoozler 08:01 26 Apr 07

The power supply for my laptop, and I think it is typical of most, is rated at 110 to 240V and 50 to 60Hz, so if the one you buy in the USA is the same, then power supply is no problem. A laptop bought in the USA may not have a £ symbol on the keyboard (but neither has the one I bought in the UK), so that is worth checking. Other than that, the points mentioned by Meshuga about warranty, VAT and customs duty need to be taken into account.

  ^wave^ 08:18 26 Apr 07

i got to florida a lot and i have gone through the shall i buy or not and to be honest yes you can save money you have to check the voltage dont take the sales persons word if it is 110 - 240 you are ok. rememeber that it could just be 110. the last thing i got was an ipod and to be honest i got it duty free in this country it cost about £10 more than in the usa, as this unit had an early life failure all i did was take it back to dixons a got a replacement. its a bit more difficult if you bought in the usa. i would check your prices and then see if it is worth it.

  ambra4 04:38 08 Oct 07

All laptop power supply unit are 100-240 volts 50-60 hz so will work world wide

The voltage is not the problem but the different type of electrical plugs that is used in each country

  ambra4 04:54 08 Oct 07

you will just have to buy on of these type adapter which can be bougth from you local market for £2 - £3

click here

  ambra4 04:54 08 Oct 07

you will just have to buy on of these type adapter which can be bougth from you local market for £2 - £3

click here

  tullie 08:54 08 Oct 07

Or simply change the plug

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