Laptop to TV Viewing

  nutty boy 20:48 27 Sep 06

Hi can anyone give any advice on this.I have an Acer laptop and have just had a new widescreen TV with connection fo a normal montor lead.I cannot get the TV to display from the laptop.I have tried dropping the screen resolution by right clicking on the screen and selecting properties but all i get on start up is the XP logo apears on the TV but then i get the message on the TV 'out of range' ????

  ArrGee 21:06 27 Sep 06

Have you set up dual display in display properties correctly?

  nutty boy 22:36 27 Sep 06

Thanks for advice.I have in properties got 2 monitors enabled and can press identify and get a 1 on the laptop screen and 2 on the TV screen.Tried all the pixel settings,tried high & medium colour settings and clicked the box on monitor 2 'Expand My desktop to this monitor'I can drag items across the laptop so they can be viewed on the TV and the mouse pointer can extend from the laptop to the PC.Am I right in thinking the screens should be able to be duplicated on the laptop & TV?

  johnnyrocker 23:17 27 Sep 06

what graphics card do you have?


  ed-0 23:27 27 Sep 06

It'll be down to what graphics chipset your lappy has.

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  Graham. 23:29 27 Sep 06

The laptop should be able to toggle between displays, usually the Fn key plus one other.

  Graham. 23:33 27 Sep 06

Try Fn+F8.

  woodchip 23:37 27 Sep 06

How are you connected to the TV. If it as S\Video then use that with a Scart Adapter. You may also need Analog sound wires to connect for sound.

PS you will not get sound from a monitor connection

  woodchip 23:56 27 Sep 06

PS there may be settings in the Monitor you need to enable for the Monitor connection

  nutty boy 00:41 28 Sep 06

Big thanks to everone that offered help very much apreciated- finally sorted.

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