Laptop to TV using VGA to S-Video Cables, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2011mclaren 13:10 PM 21 Mar 12

Hi, i have purchased the following three items:

For video display from Laptop to TV:



For sound from Laptop to TV:


I need step by step guidance on how to connect everything up Please!

  markd71 13:37 PM 21 Mar 12

The make / model of 'Laptop'would be helpful and also the tv

  2011mclaren 13:44 PM 21 Mar 12

I am not sure of either TV or Laptop Models or make, but my laptop only has VGA output, and My Tv only has S-video alongside the 3 RCA inputs, so these wires are my only option!

Guidance would be really appreciated!!

  lotvic 14:04 PM 21 Mar 12

"I am not sure of either TV or Laptop Models or make"

Then how do you expect us to know the best way or even if possible to enable you to use the TV as a monitor for your laptop?

I suggest you look at the label on the back of TV and the label on base of Laptop.

Do you have the User Manuals for the TV and the Laptop?

  Nontek 16:53 PM 21 Mar 12
  Woolwell 17:03 PM 21 Mar 12

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