laptop to tv - slow

  mikeyboy32 12:46 11 Dec 10

i've just connected my netbook samungung n140 to my tv via vga cable using windows 7. everything connected up fine, but noticed that the internet/netbook? goes slower when connected to tv.
is this normal? do i have to adjust any settings?
any ideas on how to make it run faster when connected to the tv?

  woodchip 13:22 11 Dec 10

May be that the Graphics card is not fast enough, or memory on it is limited to drive the TV.

I would thing the Card is short on Memory. Go into BIOS and check to see if you can allocate more memory to Graphics

  mikeyboy32 14:07 11 Dec 10

thanks for the info woodchip.

looked in the bios but havent changed anything. not an expert on this to be honest but had a look but couldnt see any option where i could allocate more memory to the graphics card.

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