Laptop to TV via HDMI

  couchpotato 14:21 18 Jan 08

Hi - I'm trying to connect my HP laptop to my LCD tv via the HDMI connection on each and everything is fine until the action on the output gets fast (like a fight scene or car chase.).

At this point the tv output becomes jerky as if the tv is having problems keeping up. However, the screen on the laptop is fine.

Has anyone got any idea of a)why this may happen and b) what I can do to sort this out.

Also, I note that when connected this way the laptop screen stays on - should this happen? I wonder whether the processor is having problems displaying and outputting (if that's the right word!) at the same time. I've tried to find a way of turning off the laptop display but can't seem to do this either!

Any thoughts/advice?

  howard64 12:21 19 Jan 08

visit the hp site and download its latest driver for the graphics card.

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