Laptop to TV

  ened 16:45 07 May 11

I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 and a Sony Bravia.

Both have HDMI sockets.

If I wish to watch a film from my laptop on the tv. is it as simple as merely connecting the cables and changing the source on the tv?

I have googled this but can't seem to get definitive answers.

Before I go out and buy the cables I need to know if it will work and what I might need to change in Laptop settings?

Will I need to connect the sound on a different cable?

  robin_x 17:26 07 May 11

Hopefully it will Autodetect. If not go into ATI Control Centre. (Right click empty desktop)

Sound should also be on HDMI. See Control Panel/Sound/Manage Audio properties before you go out. Worst case is a 3.5mm cable from headphone jack to input on your TV somewhere. And perhaps some buggering about.

Don't pay a fortune for HDMI cable. Check Poundshops/local elec stores. Supermarkets/computer stores are expensive last I looked.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 07 May 11

Click here shows all connection type and the cables needed for each, yours is the last one HDMI to HDMI The hardest thing with HDMI can be getting the sound to enable from the graphics card

  ened 17:58 07 May 11

Thanks for your replies.

I have had a look at Sound in Control Panel and there is an entry for Nvidia HDMI output.

Will I simply have to go into that and configure it?

I need to know in advance because I am unable to do it until the cable is connected.

Do I need any other software to play movies on my tv and will it automatically detect the resolution etc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 07 May 11

Will I simply have to go into that and configure it?


Do I need any other software to play movies on my tv

If your laptop already plays the DVD then No

and will it automatically detect the resolution etc?

Yes it should do

  woodchip 18:14 07 May 11

You may need to go to display settings in your laptop, and change to dual screen mode. Right Click on Desktop/Properties/ Settings/Advanced/Adapter

  ened 18:28 07 May 11

Thanks for all your help.

I'll sign this one off.

Going back to robinofloxley comment: there does seem to be a great difference in price for HDMI to HDMI cables. Amazon start at about £1:99 whilst Maplins start at about £25:00.

Surely there must be some reason for this?

  ened 18:30 07 May 11

Slightly off topic but this is the first thread I have started in a while and I can't see how to tick resolved.

  woodchip 18:42 07 May 11

Yes some rip you off.

ened Click on the Gray Tick to the right, it should turn to Green

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