laptop to TV

I've got Acer Aspire 6930G laptop and I want to connect it to my TV.
It's got VGA port, HDMI port and there is one more, but I don't what's the name of it - the second from the left on this picture:
click here
what is it for?

I just want to ask what would be the best way to connect my laptop to TV, when my flat TV has DVI port. And If I play Blue Ray disc in my laptop would I get Blue Ray quality video on my TV ?


  skidzy 12:33 25 Feb 09

click here not full blueray but near to it.

the price range is 4 to 20 pounds, is there a big quality difference between those ?

  skidzy 13:08 25 Feb 09

The more expensive models,lets say from Maplins or Dixons and branded names should in effect give better quality click here click here click here click here note; if using the adapter you still need the hdmi cable.

so why would i want to buy an adapter and hdmi cable when can buy HDMI to DVI cable only ?

  skidzy 13:24 25 Feb 09

Quality ...hence the price.

With electrical components,you get what you pay for !

Ive had cheap HDMI cables but they do not have a patch on the branded cables,hence my PS3 connection to my Sony 40" lcd.

But if i use HDMI to DVI cable and i get almost a blue ray quality video, I think i'm happy with that. how would you rate it "not full blueray but near to itt" out of 10 ?

  skidzy 13:50 25 Feb 09

Deending on your tv capabilities ie; 1080p or 1080i or even 720... i would hazzard a guess 8/10.

It should still upscale to 1080p resulting in a great picture.

thanks alot!

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