Laptop turns itself off

  gigsy 13:12 13 Dec 05

Hi, can anyone help please?
I am currently using an IPC 8575 laptop which has recently started to turn itself off.This problem has become more and more frequent.I only use it on the mains as the battery wont last more than 2 minutes.I can be happily working away when the power indicator just flips from mains to battery and in a matter of a couple of seconds the crittical warning flashes up and then it turns itself off.There is no pattern in how long it is on for before this happens so i dont think its over heating.Unless I leave it turned off for several minutes it wont boot up again.Its driving me mad!

  sinbad1 13:26 13 Dec 05

sounds like a faulty power supply probably need to get it checked out

  gigsy 14:24 13 Dec 05

Hi Sinbad
Do you mean the power supply lead or an internal power supply?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:45 13 Dec 05

Could be

1. loose connections in plug

2. faulty cable to AC adaptor

3. faulty AC adaptor

4. bad cable from adaptor to PC

5. loose jack socket on motherboard (where you plug power supply into lapttop)

6. bad motherboard connections

  gigsy 15:33 13 Dec 05

The indicator on the ac adapter stays on all the time so I dont think that thereis a problem with the lead itself? I have also noticed today that this problem occurs much quicker (guaranteed to happen within 5-6mins)when using the dvd/cd drive.

  jpallen 16:44 13 Dec 05

Perhaps its overheating, it could be full of dust.

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