Laptop suggestions for University

  MartinSA 13 Aug 12

Hi there,

Looking at buying a laptop for uni (not sure if studying computer science makes much of a difference) and I'm a bit stuck between two! I've got around a £500 budget and I'm gonna be using it for general MS Office work, programming and a reasonable amount of gaming (games such as League of Legends, CS: Global Offensive, BF3 and generally mid-spec requiring games).

These are the two I'm looking at:

I guess the question is, would a quad core or dual core be better? And could anyone give me an explanation as to why as I'd like to learn :). Any advice or links to better laptops would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance!

  Nontek 13 Aug 12

I have not looked at your links, but would advise that the i5 CPU is the better of the two, having IMHO a bit more grunt - or even better if you could afford to go for a i7 CPU.

  MartinSA 13 Aug 12

Thanks. Found this one:

Its a quad instead of dual and i7 like you suggested, but its only got 6GB of RAM instead of 8. Does it being a quad outweigh the loss of 2GB of RAM?

  Nontek 13 Aug 12

You probably would not notice any difference regarding 6Gb or 8Gb RAM.

  MartinSA 14 Aug 12

Thanks for the help, guess I'm gonna spend abit more for the i7 quad :)

  Nontek 14 Aug 12

OK - will be well worth the expenditure.


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